Suns' Devin Booker drops 52 on Pelicans, matches incredible Wilt Chamberlain record

The Phoenix Suns have made progress in their quest to escape the Play-In Tournament, and Devin Booker is a big reason why.

Booker dropped 52 points on the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday night in a 124-111 win for the Suns. He made 19 of 28 shots with nine assists and three rebounds, while also setting a new a career-high in three-pointers with eight. Thirty-seven of those 52 points came in the first half. He was on fire.

This was the third straight game against the Pelicans in which Booker has scored at least 50 points. He dropped 52 points on them when the Suns and Pels last faced off on Jan. 19. Before that, Booker hadn't played them since Dec. 17, 2022, when he scored a cool 58 points. According to Elias Sports, there is only one other player in NBA history to score 50+ points in three straight games against the same opponent: Wilt Chamberlain.

Booker's performance helped the Suns nail down a win they desperately needed. They've been trailing the sixth-place Pelicans in the standings, and Monday night's win helped them gain ground. They're now just one game back of the sixth spot with 14 left to play — including another game against New Orleans on April 7.

Booker's 50-piece did more than just help the Suns. It also helped the Minnesota Timberwolves. All they needed to clinch a top-six playoff spot was a Pelicans loss on Monday, and Booker delivered. Maybe they'll bring a gift basket for him when they travel to Phoenix to play the Suns on Friday.