Red Sox's 2024 MLB season will be chronicled in Netflix documentary series

Netflix will also air a documentary about the 2004 World Series-winning Red Sox team. (Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images)
Netflix will also air a documentary about the 2004 World Series-winning Red Sox team. (Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images) (G Fiume via Getty Images)

Following the success of sports documentaries such as "Formula 1: Drive to Survive," "Full Swing" and "Quarterback," Netflix is moving to baseball with a release of two projects involving the Boston Red Sox.

One of the projects will be a look back at the Red Sox's curse-breaking World Series run in 2004. According to Netflix, "key players and figures" will be part of the documentary.

The second of the two programs, which will debut in 2025, will be an inside look at the 2024 Red Sox season. This will mark the first time Netflix has followed an MLB team over the course of a 162-game season.

“The partnership between MLB, Netflix and the Red Sox will have a significant impact on growing the game of baseball,” Red Sox chairman Tom Werner said in a statement. “The reach of Netflix is profound and these docuseries are ambitious. One will relive one of the most magical stories that forever changed this franchise, and the other is a truly groundbreaking endeavor that will provide an inside look at the lives and personalities of today’s Red Sox players.”

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Since winning the World Series in 2018, the Red Sox have missed the postseason four of the past five years, which includes two consecutive last-place finishes in the AL East. This offseason has not been especially encouraging for Red Sox fans, as their team has not spent like it used to, and they've had to watch division rivals make major improvements via free agency and trades.

Gone from the 2023 Red Sox are Chris Sale, Justin Turner, Alex Verdugo and James Paxton, while Lucas Giolito, Tyler O'Neill and Vaughn Grissom are some of the new faces for 2024. Also worth noting, Theo Epstein is kind of back.

The lack of spending over the winter has frustrated Red Sox fans, which could make for interesting content for the show should the team get off to a slow start and fall behind in a competitive division. The season-ticket holder meeting in which owner John Henry explains why the team's free-agency money was spent on boosting the PGA Tour will be great footage.

According to The Athletic, the show, which Netflix and MLB have been working on since 2021, will not be a week-by-week look at the team's ups and downs. Instead, the "focus [will be] on the human interest element of players’ lives."

Netflix has been immersing itself more and more in the sports world, providing fans a vast amount of content to consume. After covering Formula One, the PGA Tour, the NFL and most recently NASCAR, Netflix dipped its toes into live sports and announced future docuseries involving the NBA, not to mention a massive deal with WWE to exclusively air "Raw" beginning in 2025.