Ravens, refs and broadcast crew somehow miss possible Marlon Humphrey interception

Baltimore Ravens defensive back Marlon Humphrey had a tough game in the team's 33-27 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders. When Zay Jones caught the game-winning touchdown pass, Humphrey was the man in pursuit.

You might think Humphrey's night couldn't get any worse after that, but you would be wrong. Turns out, Humphrey may have intercepted a pass that could have changed the outcome of the game, but no one — not even Humphrey — noticed.

The play occurred near the end of the first quarter. Derek Carr tried to hit Darren Waller with a pass near the Raiders' 40-yard line. Humphrey broke up the pass and it looked like the play was over. Take a closer look, however, and it appears Humphrey actually intercepted the ball.

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Two angles of the play seem to show the ball falling onto Waller's leg, and not the ground. Humphrey appears to pick up the ball before it hits the ground, meaning the play should have resulted in an interception.

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Those angles aren't perfect. The ball is obscured in the first replay, so it's possible it hit the ground and cameras didn't catch it. The second angle appears to show the ball getting caught between Humphrey's stomach and Waller's leg. That replay cuts off early, so we don't actually have clear footage of the moment Humphrey grabbed the ball.

Humphrey apparently doesn't remember either. He responded to the footage by saying he never even felt the ball after breaking up the play.

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It's unclear what would have happened if the play were reviewed. Humphrey does pick up the ball, but he immediately ditches it to celebrate. Would a replay rule Humphrey didn't have possession long enough? Would the play result in a Humphrey fumble since he tossed the ball away? Is there clear evidence of another member of the team recovering that football? We'll never get the answer there.

Marlon Humphrey interception could have changed game

If Humphrey had noticed the picked off the pass, things could have played out differently. The Ravens could have had the ball around the Raiders' 40-yard line. Instead, the team started on their own 20 after a punt and went three and out.

If Humphrey's interception was recognized, it could have resulted in the Ravens scoring more points, potentially avoiding overtime and winning the game.

Unfortunately for Humphrey, things got worse later in the contest, as he was responsible for Jones' walk-off touchdown in overtime. Humphrey acknowledged as much on Twitter, saying it was a "weird feeling."

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Things might feel worse once he realizes he also missed an interception early in the contest.

Marlon Humphrey with the Ravens.
Marlon Humphrey might have picked off another pass during Monday's contest against the Raiders. (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)