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Foster Moreau on devastating drop at end of Saints loss: 'It's a dark place to be'

Foster Moreau's story was already a great one. Simply coming back from a cancer diagnosis in March to play for the New Orleans Saints this season was good enough. A touchdown in the final minute on Thursday, with the Saints trailing by seven points, would've added an unbelievable chapter.

Not all stories wrap up that perfectly, however.

Anyone with a heart had to feel for Moreau on Thursday. His storybook touchdown, delivered by Derek Carr to him in the end zone, bounced off his hands. That massive drop came on third down. On fourth down, Carr's pass was batted away, and the Jacksonville Jaguars held on for a 31-24 win.

In the final seconds, the Amazon Prime Video broadcast showed Moreau sitting on the Saints' bench, his head in his hands, as teammates consoled him.

The Saints made plenty of mistakes in the loss, particularly in the first half. But it wasn't surprising to see Moreau take his drop hard on the sideline as the game was ending.

"It's tough," Moreau said via Katherine Terrell of ESPN. "In front of every man, woman and child I've ever known. It's a dark place to be. It's the National Football League. It doesn't come down to one play, but it comes down to one play."

Moreau is one of the NFL's most inspiring stories. In March, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, which was discovered during a physical with the Saints as part of his free-agent visit. In July, he announced that the cancer was in full remission. In Week 5, he scored his first touchdown with the Saints, a remarkable milestone in his comeback. He is a New Orleans native and went to LSU, and his story had come full-circle.

Moreau's teammates supported him, whether it was on the sideline after the game or speaking about him to the media afterward.

"I just told him, man, he's blessed for what he's been through," Alvin Kamara said, via ESPN's Terrell. "That ain't nothing. ... I ain't worried about Fos not making that play. Honestly, I don't think we should be in that position right there where we're looking at that like, 'Oh man, he should've caught it.' Of course, he should've caught it. He knows he should've caught it. Anybody in that position right there should've caught it. We're pros.

"But Fos, man, if there's anybody out there that cares, that's uplifting his teammates, that's doing everything he can to try to get a win and uplift everybody else and get them in the right mind frame to win, it's him. Man, I'm not worried about that. It is what it is."

Moreau's comeback story is still an amazing one. He has already overcome a lot more than dropping a pass in a game.