Aaron Rodgers was just kidding about call for Packers to bring back Clay Matthews

Last week, Aaron Rodgers led a social media campaign calling for the Green Bay Packers to sign Clay Matthews.

It turns out he was just kidding.

In an apparent flex after convincing the Packers to trade for Randall Cobb as part of his terms to end his stalemate with the franchise, Rodgers lobbied online for the team to bring back another past-his-prime ex-Packer. In this case, a 35-year-old former linebacker who hasn't played since 2019.

Rodgers posted "BRING HIM BACK #" on his Instagram page last week, referring to Matthews, who played 10 seasons with the Packers from 2009-18. The post was part of a coordinated social media campaign alongside Cobb and Packers left tackle David Bakhtiari.

Rodgers explains Clay Matthews posts

Rodgers addressed the social media posts with reporters on Wednesday. He said that he and his teammates were "just BS-ing" Matthews, who doesn't even sound interested in returning to football, according to Rodgers.

“Friday night, I was with Dave (Bakhtiari) and his lovely fiancee, Frankie and the Cobbs," Rodgers said, per Packers Wire. "And we had a question about Clay that came up, because Clay just moved from California. So we got Clay on FaceTime. Those conversations turned into a social media post.

"There hasn’t been, I don’t think, a big push from any of us to sign him. We didn’t even talk ball. We were just BS-ing with him. Having a good conversation. He’s a big farmer now, kind of like Jordy. He’s probably got that strength to play but I don’t think he’s thought about football for a while.”

So that's that.

Rodgers' beef with the Packers centered on the team not consulting him on personnel decisions. If the best he's got is demanding Cobb's return and jokes about Matthews, Packers management may have been on to something.

Aaron Rodgers said he was 'just BS-ing
Aaron Rodgers said he was 'just BS-ing" with Clay Matthews. (AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)

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