2024 Big 12 football schedule features 2 non-conference games between conference opponents

The 2024 Big 12 schedule will feature two games between Big 12 opponents that are officially non-conference games.

The upcoming season will be the first for the conference with 16 teams. Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah are joining the conference as Oklahoma and Texas head to the SEC. With the departures of the Longhorns and Sooners, half of the conference’s 16 members will be in either their first or second football season in the Big 12.

The two non-conference games between conference opponents are in the first three weeks of the season. Baylor will visit Utah on Sept. 7 after the Utes played at the Bears in 2023 in a non-conference game. The game in Utah is part of a home-and-home series the two teams scheduled before the Pac-12 essentially dissolved in the summer of 2023.

Arizona will visit Kansas State a week later in Week 3 in a non-conference game. That game was also on the schedule before the Wildcats of Arizona joined the conference with the Wildcats of Kansas State.

It’s not a stretch to think that Arizona and Kansas State could meet twice over the course of the 2024 season. Both teams should enter the season ranked in the top 25 and will be among the favorites to win the conference. A rematch in the Big 12 title game is not out of the question.

Colorado’s first game back in the Big 12 is at home against Baylor on Sept. 21. The Buffaloes went 4-8 in Deion Sanders’ first season with the school and are back in the Big 12 after leaving the conference for the Pac-12 ahead of the 2011 season. The Buffs also draw Kansas State, Arizona, Texas Tech, Utah, Kansas and Oklahoma State in 2024. It’s one of the toughest schedules in the conference — and Colorado also opens the season with FCS powerhouse North Dakota State. That’s not a gimme by any means.

Week 1

  • New Mexico at Arizona

  • Wyoming at Arizona State

  • Tarleton State at Baylor

  • Southern Illinois at BYU

  • New Hampshire at UCF

  • Towson at Cincinnati

  • North Dakota State at Colorado

  • UNLV at Houston

  • North Dakota at Iowa State

  • Lindenwood at Kansas

  • UT-Martin at Kansas State

  • South Dakota State at Oklahoma State

  • TCU at Stanford

  • Abilene Christian at Texas Tech

  • Southern Utah at Utah

  • Penn State at West Virginia

Week 2

  • Northern Arizona at Arizona

  • Mississippi State at Arizona State

  • Baylor at Utah

  • BYU at SMU

  • Sam Houston at UCF

  • Pittsburgh at Cincinnati

  • Colorado at Nebraska

  • Houston at Oklahoma

  • Iowa at Iowa State

  • Kansas at Illinois

  • Kansas State at Tulane

  • Arkansas at Oklahoma State

  • Long Island at TCU

  • Texas Tech at Washington State

  • Albany at West Virginia

Week 3

  • Arizona at Kansas State

  • Arizona State at Texas State

  • Air Force at Baylor

  • BYU at Wyoming

  • UCF at TCU

  • Cincinnati at Miami (Ohio)

  • Colorado at Colorado State

  • Rice at Houston

  • UNLV at Kansas

  • Oklahoma State at Tulsa

  • North Texas at Texas Tech

  • Utah at Utah State

  • West Virginia at Pittsburgh

Week 4

  • Arizona State at Texas Tech

  • Baylor at Colorado

  • Kansas State at BYU

  • Houston at Cincinnati

  • Arkansas State at Iowa State

  • Kansas at West Virginia

  • Utah at Oklahoma State

  • TCU at SMU

Week 5

  • Arizona at Utah

  • BYU at Baylor

  • Colorado at UCF

  • Cincinnati at Texas Tech

  • Iowa State at Houston

  • TCU at Kansas

  • Oklahoma State at Kansas State

Week 6

  • Texas Tech at Arizona

  • Kansas at Arizona State

  • Baylor at Iowa State

  • UCF at Florida

  • Houston at TCU

  • West Virginia at Oklahoma State

Week 7

  • Arizona at BYU

  • Utah at Arizona State

  • Cincinnati at UCF

  • Kansas State at Colorado

  • Iowa State at West Virginia

Week 8

  • Colorado at Arizona

  • Arizona State at Cincinnati

  • Baylor at Texas Tech

  • Oklahoma State at BYU

  • UCF at Iowa State

  • Houston at Kansas

  • Kansas State at West Virginia

  • TCU at Utah

Week 9

  • West Virginia at Arizona State

  • Oklahoma State at Baylor

  • BYU at UCF

  • Cincinnati at Colorado

  • Utah at Houston

  • Kansas at Kansas State

  • Texas Tech at TCU

Week 10

  • Arizona at UCF

  • Arizona State at Oklahoma State

  • TCU at Baylor

  • Kansas State at Houston

  • Texas Tech at Iowa State

Week 11

  • UCF at Arizona State

  • BYU at Utah

  • West Virginia at Cincinnati

  • Colorado at Texas Tech

  • Iowa State at Kansas

  • Oklahoma State at TCU

Week 12

  • Houston at Arizona

  • Arizona State at Kansas

  • Baylor at West Virginia

  • Cincinnati at Iowa State

  • Utah at Colorado

  • Kansas at BYU

Week 13

  • Arizona at TCU

  • BYU at Arizona State

  • Baylor at Houston

  • Cincinnati at Kansas State

  • Colorado at Kansas

  • Iowa State at Utah

  • Texas Tech at Oklahoma State

  • UCF at West Virginia

Week 14

  • Arizona State at Arizona

  • Kansas at Baylor

  • Houston at BYU

  • Utah at UCF

  • TCU at Cincinnati

  • Oklahoma State at Colorado

  • Kansas State at Iowa State

  • West Virginia at Texas Tech