Agustin Pichot resigns from World Rugby Council after election defeat

Agustin Pichot has announced his resignation from the World Rugby Council in the wake of his defeat to Sir Bill Beaumont in the election for World Rugby chairman earlier this month.

The 45-year-old Pichot, who had served as Beaumont’s vice-chairman for the past four years, will give up his respective roles as Americas Rugby president and the Argentine Rugby Union’s representative.

Pichot said in a statement: “As of today, I have decided not to continue as a UAR representative on the World Rugby Council, nor as a member of the RWC Board, nor as president of Americas Rugby.

Australia v Argentina
Agustin Pichot won 71 caps for Argentina (David Davies/PA)

“The only reason I have been a part of World Rugby to this day, and which in turn is the same one that has moved me to run for president, is the conviction that World Rugby needs change.

“But my proposal, which I strongly believe in, has not been chosen, and that is why I choose to step aside. I cannot conceive of occupying a place just for the sake of occupying it.”

Pichot, whose stated plans included a shake-up of the World Rugby voting system, lost the ballot by 28 votes to 23 on May 2.

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