Scottish Swimming apologises after ‘disturbing content’ disrupts online workout

Scottish Swimming has called in police and apologised after an open online workout with athletes including Olympic medallist Duncan Scott was hijacked with “disturbing content”.

The organisation had invited people to join a virtual workout with its national squad members on Tuesday morning but the link was “compromised with abusive content”.

A statement read: “Scottish Swimming sincerely apologises for the incident that happened during an organised Zoom event, where the aquatics community were invited to work out alongside our performance athletes.

“At the end of last week we shared information about the workout across our social media platforms, asking those interested in participating to log into a link that was shared publicly this morning.

“Unfortunately the link was ‘Zoom-bombed’ with disturbing content shared with circa 300 people that had signed in to the event.

“The video was immediately shut down and the incident referred to the police and their cyber-crime unit. We apologise to everyone involved and deeply regret the outcome of today’s event.

“Scottish Swimming will continue to support and engage with our aquatic community during this time in isolation and have started a full review of the process undertaken today along with consideration of security measures across all platforms, in order to put in place measures to prevent any further incidents of this nature happening again.

“At a time when the aquatics community was pulling together and supporting one another so positively, it is very upsetting to have a minority cause upset and distress during the lockdown.”

Scott, who collected Scotland’s record medal haul at an individual Commonwealth Games in 2018, wrote on Twitter: “I am in disgust. Our open invite WOD cancelled due to a sick individual. I am sorry for what everyone and more importantly what the kids that were apart of the WOD had to see!!”

Aimee Wilmott, another Olympic medallist, added: “Sorry to everyone involved! There are some awful people in the world, who do some disturbing things, who ruined what was set to be a fun workout!”

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