Spurs’ accounts show chairman Daniel Levy received £3million stadium bonus

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy was paid a £3million bonus for delivering the club’s new stadium.

The hefty gift, which was additional to his £4million salary, was deferred from 2018, after Spurs moved into their 62,000-seater stadium – widely regarded as the best in the world – last April.

Levy was paid the bonus almost a year ago in 2019 and on Monday took a 20 per cent pay cut along with all other non-playing staff as the club look to combat the coronavirus crisis.

Daniel Levy was given a £3million bonus in 2019 for delivering the club's spectacular new stadium
Daniel Levy was given a £3million bonus in 2019 for delivering the club’s spectacular new stadium (John Walton/PA)

The club accounts, published on Companies House website, read: “The total aggregate remuneration of directors, who are deemed to represent key management personnel, for the year ended 30 June 2019 was £6.4million.

“However, this amount excluded a bonus which was deferred from the year ended 30 June 2018 as it was contingent upon the completion of the stadium, which amounted to £3.9m, making the total aggregate remuneration for the year ended 30 June 2019 £10.3m.

“The highest paid director received remuneration of £4m for the year in addition to the bonus deferred from the prior year of £3m, as explained above.”

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