Bruins' Cassidy heated after 'blatant' missed call

Bruce Cassidy slammed officials after the Boston Bruins' loss to the St Louis Blues in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final on Thursday.

The final period of Game 5 was filled with controversy, with a goal that looked over the line not counting and a non-call on a possible penalty giving St Louis a 2-0 lead before the Blues won 2-1 to take a 3-2 series lead.

In the first incident, upon video review of a shot, it certainly appeared David Pastrnak pushed the puck over the line past Blues goalie Jordan Binnington with 13 minutes left in the third period, but the play was ruled as already being dead due to a whistle being blown.

Minutes later, the Blues got a goal moments after what appeared to be a trip by Tyler Bozak on Noel Acciari.

Bruins coach Cassidy was heated after the game, saying the officiating during the playoffs was giving the NHL "a black eye".

"Those are the hits they want to get out of the game, correct?" Cassidy told reporters.

"That's what I hear a lot about. Clearly, they missed a couple. It's a fast game. I sat here two days ago or whatever it was and said I believe these officials are at this level because they've earned the right to be here. You should be getting the best.

"But, I mean, the narrative changed after Game 3. There's a complaint or whatever put forth by the opposition. It just seems to have changed everything. The no-call on Acciari … their player is on his way to the box. It's right in front of the official. It's a slew foot. Our guy's gone. The spotter took him out of the game for a possible concussion. I mean, it's blatant. It had a big effect on the game. This has happened.

"I'm a fan of the game. It's the National Hockey League getting a black eye with their officiating in these playoffs, and there's another one that's going to be talked about. I thought it was a great hockey game. That call, probably … there's time, but it really made it difficult for us to get the win tonight. So I'm disappointed. So I guess to answer your original question, it was egregious. But we're moving on. We're getting ready for Game 6."

The NHL told reporters after the game that the the non-call on the Bozak play was a judgment call.

"We don't make comments on judgment calls within games," NHL director of officiating Stephen Walkom said. "There are hundreds of judgment calls in every game. The official on the play, he viewed it and he didn't view it as a penalty at the time."

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