He'll never live it down! Fury derides Joshua over defeat to Ruiz Jr

Tyson Fury has ridiculed Anthony Joshua for his defeat to Andy Ruiz Jr, labelling the upset a "disgrace" and suggesting he would never show his face in public again if he suffered such a loss.

The previously undefeated Joshua gave up his IBF, WBO and WBA titles to Ruiz in New York last Saturday, the American-born Mexican pulling off a seventh-round stoppage to record one of the biggest shocks in the history of heavyweight boxing.

Fury was surprisingly supportive of his rival in a tweet following the fight, while he also told ESPN's Now or Never show he is "not a big fan of kicking people when they're down".

However, in an appearance on The Sedano Show on ESPN Radio, Fury derided Joshua and referenced the difference in physique between the 2012 Olympic champion and Ruiz, who was mocked for being overweight before his stunning success.

"He's done very well in his life and career," said Fury of Joshua. "He's definitely done well but everybody bumps into that one person who can knock them out any time and unfortunately for AJ it was a little fat fella from California who chinned him. And he'll never live it down.

"Can you imagine? You're built like an Adonis, you're six foot six [inches], you're ripped, carved in stone, and a little fat guy who has eaten every Snickers and Mars bar in the whole of California comes in there and bladders you all over? What a disgrace.

"If that was me, I'd never show my face in public ever again."

Discussing the rematch between Joshua and Ruiz, which is set to take place at the end of 2019, Fury said on Now or Never: "I think even in a rematch he [Joshua] will lose again. Styles make fights and I think Andy Ruiz's style is all wrong for him. Andy will always beat AJ, in my opinion."

Fury also insisted there is no chance he will take next weekend's bout with the unheralded Tom Schwarz lightly, adding: "I never underestimate the opponent because I've been underestimated my whole life.

"Before Andy, it was always me who was the chubby kid. Oh, look at his body, he doesn't have a ripped body, he's not six-packed up, he obviously doesn't train. And it's usually always me who gets the criticism for being fat, so I'm happy there’s another fat guy on the scene!"

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