Red Sox's Devers robbed of home run by Minute Maid Park girder

Boston Red Sox third baseman Rafael Devers was robbed of a home run against the Houston Astros by a girder on the Minute Maid Park roof.

The Boston infielder had to settle for a double because the ball bounced off a girder and went back into the field of play.

When a ball hits a girder in the field of play at the ballpark, it is a live ball and a defender plays it where it lands. If it is in foul territory, it is dead.

In this instance, it was a live ball and not a home run.

The ball was projected by Statcast to go 363 feet and for a homer into right field, but instead Devers wound up at second base and the game remained tied 0-0 after the top of the second inning.

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