Yelich's beer chugging skills convinced Brewers of his back health

When Christian Yelich was put on the jumbotron during the NBA Eastern Conference Finals on Thursday, he got into a beer chugging battle which was started – and ended – by Green Bay Packers offensive lineman David Bakhtiari.

But give credit to Milwaukee Brewers star Yelich. He – unlike Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers – was able to down his beer for all the Milwaukee faithful to see.

And for his Brewers manager to see as well, apparently, as Craig Counsell witnessed the moment on TNT and had a lot of confidence in his outfielder's health.

"When I saw him doing that, I was pretty sure he was going to play today," Counsell said. "That actually made me feel really good. I was like, 'That means he’s in the line-up'."

Yelich, the reigning MLB National League MVP, has been out with back spasms since May 19, but he was in the Brewers' line-up on Friday.

We will see if his ability to chug beer translates into base hits against the Philadelphia Phillies.



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