ML-Bee! Swarm delays Reds-Giants game

There is not usually much buzz around a lunchtime weekday start time, but an exception was made Monday in Cincinnati. 

The start of the game between the Reds and the San Francisco Giants was delayed when a massive swarm of bees descended on Great American Ball Park shortly before the scheduled first pitch at 12:35pm (local time), congregating largely around the screen behind home plate. 

Reds pitcher Anthony DeSclafani had been set to take his pre-game warm-up tosses but took one look at the situation and retreated to the dugout. Other Reds players who were further away from home plate stayed on the field for a while as the umpires and ballpark officials tried to determine a course of action. 

At one point, Reds outfielder Derek Dietrich emerged from the dugout dressed as an exterminator, pairing a white dress shirt with his uniform pants and batting helmet. 

About 15 minutes past the scheduled start of the game, the bees began to move away from the home plate area and up toward the press box, according to reporters on the scene. DeSclafani came back out to warm up and the game finally began at 12:53pm. 

That's an 18-minute delay - or should that be a bee-lay - if you are scoring at home. 

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