He's as Warrior as they come! - owner wants to keep Green 'forever'

Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob says he wants to keep Draymond Green on the team "forever".

The 29-year-old forward had an inconsistent season for the Warriors, especially on the offensive end, but has since bounced back with a strong playoff run.

Lacob insists he never doubted Green, though, and says he does not ever want to see the player leave Golden State.

"He's Draymond Green. I wasn't worried," Lacob told The Athletic. "I want Draymond Green to be here forever. He's as Warrior as they come."

Green is eligible to sign an extension to his five-year $85million contract with the Warriors next season and he is enjoying himself right now.

"I feel great out there," he said. "I think it's showing in my play. But it's a long road for what we want to do.

"Health plays a big part in that. It feels good to be healthy. I haven't been healthy in a while. It feels good to step out there and now have an ache.

"It feels good to go out there and be healthy and play the game I love with my body feeling good."

The Warriors lead the Houston Rockets 2-0 in their second-round series heading into Saturday's Game 3 on the road.

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