Top of the flops? Warriors coach Kerr makes his point over foul calls

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr drew laughs - but no foul call - when he jokingly pretended to flop on a reporter during a news conference on Monday.

The officiating was the major topic of conversation after Golden State's contentious 104-100 victory over the Houston Rockets in the opening game of their Western Conference semi-final series on Sunday.

Houston made clear they felt there were a number of missed calls in the closing stages, with James Harden telling reporters: "I just want a fair chance, man."

Kerr made light of the situation 24 hours on from the game, however, creating contact with a member of the media in an over-the-top way.

"You guys are going to ask about all that [the foul calls]? I thought we were just going to talk about the game," Kerr jokingly said after his theatrics.

When asked about the "noise" coming out of the Rockets' camp, Kerr called it "disappointing" and said the complaints are taking away from the purpose of the game.

"It's disappointing because the focus should be on two teams who played extremely hard," he said. "Watching the tape, both teams just got after it and competed.

"But we just watched the tape upstairs and you don't think there were 10 calls that we thought we got fouled? I mean, this is how it goes - It's very, very difficult to officiate an NBA game."

While Kerr did not reference Harden by name, he did point out how players have become "really good at deception" in the NBA these days, making it extremely difficult for the officials.

"In the modern game, a lot of players have become really good at deception, creating contact, and I don't remember people falling down on three-point shots when I played," Kerr, who won five titles in his playing career, said.

"There's so much deception as part of it, part of the game that it's very difficult to officiate. But every coach in the league will tell you that you watch the tape afterward and you think, 'man, we got screwed'."

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