He was taking his sweet time! - Young celebrations earn Warriors delay warning

The Golden State Warriors were given a delay of game warning on Friday, because former star Nick Young spent too long celebrating with his championship ring.

Young, who is without a team at present, returned to Oakland this week to be presented with his ring for last season's NBA title triumph ahead of the game against Cleveland Cavaliers, beaten finalists in 2017-18.

But the 33-year-old took a little too long waving to the Warriors fans and referee Ken Mauer gave the team a delay of game warning.

Star man Stephen Curry was bemused by the call and joked that Young should have instead been punished for the late start before the Cavs were put to the sword 120-114.

"The last two years, we've had probably five or six of those celebrations and it usually spills over," Curry said.

"I wish [Mauer] would have just given it to Nick Young because he was taking his sweet time, for sure, as he should have.

"But it was probably more just entertainment for everybody, trying to get the game started. We did take a long time, for sure."

Draymond Green, who presented Young with his ring, was similarly jovial and described the warning as "very fitting".

"It was very fitting to get a delay of game giving a ring to Nick," Green said. "He actually caused it doing all his little waving and stuff.

"But it was great. I'm really close to Nick. To play with him that year was amazing. I wish he was back.

"But that was a good moment, and obviously Nick's been through a lot in his career. For him to get that ring meant a lot to me for him. So I was thankful to be the guy presenting to him.

"I'm happy he was able to make it here to get the ring because that's something special that nobody can take away from him."

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