WWE, films or partying - What next for Gronkowski following retirement?

Rob Gronkowski said in his NFL retirement note that there is uncertainty over what he will do next.

However, the three-time Super Bowl champion is unlikely to be short of offers having bade farewell to the NFL at the age of 29 on Sunday following nine seasons with the New England Patriots.

The party-loving Gronkowski's reputation extends far beyond the NFL and he seems to thrive on being the centre of attention.

We take a look at what he might do next.


Gronkowski has already appeared at a major WWE event, shoving over Jinder Mahal following a confrontation ringside at WrestleMania 33. It was once a career ambition for Gronk to make it in the WWE and having had a taste of it, could a more regular role now be a possibility?

His health may be the biggest issue. Gronkowski suffered multiple injuries as a tight end in the NFL and, staged or not, he would still need to be in peak physical condition to cope with the rigours of wrestling.

Speaking to Omnisport earlier this year, legendary wrestling commentator Jim Ross said: "If I was gambling, I'd gamble on that it'd happen. He's had a lot of injuries. I don't see him being a full-time guy, but I can see him, if he's trained correctly and he's promoted in a deliberate, effective way, that he could be very valuable."


The cameras seem to bring out the best of Gronkowski, who has already appeared on a host of television shows and has movie credits too. Along with Patriots team-mate Tom Brady and fellow NFL players Russell Wilson and Clay Matthews, Gronkowski made a cameo in the 2015 film 'Entourage' as a fictionalised version of himself.

Clearly, he has versatility too. He played a police officer in 'You Can't Have It' and appeared as a hard man in 'American Violence'.

Gronk has previously declared his favourite film star to be Jason Statham so a future as the next action hero may be in the offing.

Partying, partying and more partying

According to his agent Drew Rosenhaus, who recalled a conversation with Gronkowski on Football Morning in America, the former Patriot just wants "to do nothing for a while".

That probably would not last long for a man with a reputation for partying and living life to the fullest.

Gronkowski liked to go out and throw parties on buses and boats when he was under the gaze of Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. Imagine what he will be like now he has free rein...

Family's fitness business

That side of Gronkowski's life did not affect his NFL career due to his relentless work ethic and keeping in shape will likely remain a priority even in retirement.

The Gronkowski family have various business interests including Gronk Fitness products and the Ice Shaker, a stainless-steel protein shaker designed by former NFL player Chris Gronkowski.

Including the most famous Gronkowski brother in those strands of the family business seems a logical move.

An NFL return

Jason Witten has just confirmed his comeback, so do not rule out the 'Gronk Spike' returning to an NFL field soon.

The sport is one of Gronkowski's passions and once the aches and pains have eased, he might feel differently about retirement.

In New England, the door will likely always be open to a transcendent talent like Gronkowski.

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