Nowitzki relieved to surpass 'freak of nature' Chamberlain

Dirk Nowitzki declared "I'm glad it's over with" after passing "freak of nature" Wilt Chamberlain to go sixth on the list of all-time NBA points scorers.

The Dallas Mavericks veteran leapfrogged the great Chamberlain during Monday's 129-125 defeat to the New Orleans Pelicans.

Nowitzki needed just four points to surpass Chamberlain's tally of 31,419 and poured in eight during his 12 minutes on court.

The 40-year-old spoke of his relief after achieving the feat.

"The 'Big Dipper', huh? It's amazing," said Nowitzki. "It's been a long time coming this season, knowing before the year it was only 200-something points [away].

"Then there were times when I thought I'm not going to make it, the way the season went with the injury. Coming off the injury was just super, super slow.

"But the last few weeks felt better, and I've been playing better, and the team was obviously looking for me and telling me to shoot. I'm glad it's over with now."

The German said of Chamberlain: "He dominated his era like nobody else dominated in his era.

"It was obviously a little bit before my time, but everybody knows about Wilt and what he's done - how athletic he was, how big he was, how he could jump at that height that he was.

"He was just a freak of nature and unguardable in that era. He only played, what, 13 or 14 years, and he's still up there with the best. If he had played a couple more years, he'd be number one or two. That's how dominant he was."

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