Bell on skipping 2018 season: I don't regret anything

Le'Veon Bell has no reservations about skipping the 2018 season with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bell opted to not play on the franchise tag with the Steelers after the team tendered him for the second straight year.

He officially signed a four-year, $52.5million deal with the New York Jets on Thursday.

"The decision I made... I don't regret anything that happened," he said on a conference call, via the NY Daily News.

"Who can say if I played on a franchise tag, if I do get hurt, do I sit here with the New York Jets with a beautiful deal?"

He may not regret sitting out, but he missed not being on the gridiron even though it may have done him some good.

"It sucked not having to play football," he said. "Resting and letting my body heal... this is the best I've literally ever felt in my life."

The 27-year-old running back also expressed his appreciation for fans in Pittsburgh.

"Steeler Nation and the fans have done so much for me," Bell said. "I wish those guys the best."

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