D'Antoni, Paul relaxed over Harden injury scare

Houston Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni and guard Chris Paul remained relaxed over an injury scare for James Harden in their victory over the Philadelphia 76ers.

Harden briefly exited Friday's game during the first half after landing heavily on his right wrist, which was already sore from previous falls.

The MVP candidate, a prolific source of points for the Rockets throughout the season, was able to return and contributed 31 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists in an emphatic 107-91 win.

After the game, Harden reportedly had a precautionary X-ray on his injured wrist, but neither D'Antoni nor Paul appeared too concerned by the issue when they addressed the media.

Asked if his heart had skipped a beat when Harden hit the floor, D'Antoni said: "Oh yeah. Well, it always does. But he's a pretty tough guy.

"[He's] dealing with pain [in the wrist], I guess. I don't know, he just fell on it. He's fallen on it before and is sore, so there was some pain there and then this just aggravated it."

Paul told reporters: "The way he plays, he's always hitting the ground, whether it's a foul or just contact or what not, so we trusted that he was going [to] be alright.

"If he needs to take a game or two off, we got it. But we need him."

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