From one number three to another – Wade explains Huerter jersey swap

Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade explained his decision to swap jerseys with Atlanta Hawks guard Kevin Huerter after their clash on Monday.

Wade scored 23 points to lead the Heat to a 114-113 win over the Hawks, while he also had two blocks to break Michael Jordan's record for most by a guard in NBA history.

The three-time NBA champion, who is playing his final season, then drew attention after the game when he swapped jerseys with 20-year-old Huerter.

Wade, 37, said he had been told Huerter, who was the 19th pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, had grown up idolising him.

"Earlier in the year, a good friend of mine told me about him when he was younger, that he used to wear my shoes, he wore number three because of me, he looked up to me," he told Fox Sports.

"I knew I was going to surprise him the last time we played them but I really like his game.

"Since preseason, we played them all the way to now, he's gotten so much better so from one number three to another, I thought I'd switch jerseys with him."

Miami improved to 29-34 with their win to sit 10th in the Eastern Conference.

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