Brown not 'angry' with Steelers despite desire for trade

Antonio Brown has reiterated his desire to leave the Pittsburgh Steelers but has no hard feelings towards the franchise.

The wide receiver has repeatedly discussed his wish for a trade this offseason, revealing this month he and Steelers owner Art Rooney II had agreed to part ways.

In an interview with ESPN, set to air on Saturday, Brown again outlined his intentions but added he is not "angry" with the team.

Brown sat out of Pittsburgh's final regular season game, reportedly due to a disagreement with Ben Roethlisberger, and in explaining his frustrations with the Steelers, conversation soon turned to the quarterback.

General manager Kevin Colbert recently said that Roethlisberger "has 52 kids under him". He later clarified that he simply meant the 36-year-old was "the unquestioned leader".

Brown felt such comments were disrespectful, telling ESPN: "Of course he tried to clarify because, you know, he stated the truth and he's going to backpedal on his words.

"But what grown man is calling another grown man a kid? '52 kids'? Like, you don't have respect for these guys? Like, these are the guys that go to work for you.

"And that's what I'm telling you guys - that's my issue. You know what I'm saying? It's all about respect.

"Things are not getting better. They're not changing. You know what I mean? He just stated it. There's 52 kids and there's this guy. Bro, it's one team. That's what it is, man. Just understanding truths."

Colbert said last week that interest was growing in a trade for Brown among rival teams.

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