Ferrari working 'flat out' in trying to understand Vettel crash

Sebastian Vettel says Ferrari are working hard to identify the mechanical issue that saw him crash in Formula One testing on Wednesday.

The German went into the barriers at Turn 3 at the Circuit de Catalunya but emerged unhurt.

Ferrari immediately began checking the car in Barcelona, having acknowledged that it had been the cause of the crash, and later stated that it would not be back on the track "for a few hours".

And Vettel revealed that the team were having some difficulty due to the damage sustained by the car in an incident where he no longer had control.

"We don't know much more than everyone knows," Vettel told reporters. "Inside the car, I was going into Turn 3 and then, by the feeling, there was an issue with the front-left corner.

"From there, there wasn't anything I could have done to avoid the impact. I wasn't in control anymore and went more or less straight into the barriers.

"We are flat out trying to understand. Obviously it would be a lot easier if there was a lot of run-off and the car didn't hit anything right after because now, as you can imagine, it's fairly damaged due to the hit.

"We have to be careful understanding what exactly is the problem and that's what everybody is looking at here at the track and at Maranello. It's important to us."

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