Semenya releases her own list of experts in response to IAAF

Caster Semenya has mirrored the IAAF in making public her own list of experts as her case challenging the body's hyperandrogenism rule continues to be heard by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Proceedings got under way in Switzerland on Monday after double reigning Olympic 800 metre champion Semenya lodged an appeal against the IAAF's proposal to introduce new regulations affecting women with higher than normal levels of testosterone who compete in track events ranging from the 400m up to a mile.

The IAAF stated in June those distances were selected because the "performance advantage" of having higher levels of circulating testosterone are "most clearly seen".

Under the regulations, some female athletes would have to reduce their blood testosterone levels to below five nmol/L for a continuous period of at least six months and then maintain it beneath that level – whether in or out of competition – for so long as they wish to remain eligible.

Ahead of the start of the case being heard on Monday, the IAAF released a statement identifying five world experts which it would call upon to support its argument, a move which Semenya subsequently claimed was in breach of the confidentiality restrictions surrounding the proceedings.

A statement on behalf of the South African said the IAAF's decision "was orchestrated in an effort to influence public opinion in circumstances where the IAAF knew that Ms Semenya would not be prepared to respond because she was complying with her confidentiality obligations."

CAS subsequently granted Semenya permission to make public her own list of experts, which she did on Tuesday.

The list names 10 individuals with experience in matters such as hyperandrogenism, psychology, obstetrics and gynecology, and endocrinology.


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