McLaren launch new car for 2019 season

McLaren have revealed their 2019 team and their new car, the MCL34.

They said the concept of the new car, powered by the Renault E-Tech 19 engine, focuses on laying the foundations for development of the car throughout the season.


"We just want to see a good step forward from where we were last year," chief executive Zak Brown told Sky Sports News.

"We didn't develop a very good race car, we've certainly got higher hopes for this year's car. But it's hard to tell until you get out there. The competition is only getting tougher in this sport."


"We're all committed, motivated and united in our ambition to return McLaren to competitiveness, and the MCL34 is only the start of this process," said Brown.

"We have a fresh driver pairing, who together represent the new generation of Formula 1 talent, and are an integral part of the team and our collective effort to advance McLaren forward."

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