Browns will have zero-tolerance policy with Hunt, says GM

After the Cleveland Browns signed running back Kareem Hunt on Monday, general manager John Dorsey addressed the controversial deal.

Dorsey spoke with media on two separate occasions and said he will have a zero-tolerance policy for Hunt, who was released by the Kansas City Chiefs after the emergence of a video appearing to show him in a violent altercation with a woman.

"We've done our extensive research," Dorsey said, via

"He's extremely remorseful for that. I've always believed that if a person wants to better themselves and be a better person, I'm willing to give them a chance. I truly believe he'll be a better man today than he was yesterday."

Dorsey, who spent four seasons as the Chiefs general manager, has made other contentious moves in the past. The year before he selected Hunt in the 2017 draft, he picked up receiver Tyreek Hill in the fifth round. Hill pleaded guilty to domestic assault and battery of his then-pregnant girlfriend in 2015.

Hill, who has been selected to three consecutive Pro Bowls since his rookie season, completed three years of probation, community service and anger-management classes, and his case was later expunged. 

Dorsey joined the Browns organisation in 2017 and is willing to extend a similar second chance to Hunt. 

"I think we're all appalled by it [in the organisation],'' Dorsey said of the video. "But after doing extensive research, analysing the situation, we came to the conclusion that I'm willing to help a man from a second chance moving forward to be a better person. My faith tells me that.''

Dorsey added: "Let's find out what's in that person, and I truly, in my heart of hearts, believe there is a humble soul within that person. He owns up to it, he admits it. He understands the magnitude of it and he wants to prove to people that it was an isolated mistake that will never happen again.''

Hunt appeared in 11 games in 2018 and had 824 rushing yards, 378 receiving yards and 14 total touchdowns before his release in late November.

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