'Oh s***, it caught me off guard' - Embiid on Simmons' three-point attempt

Ben Simmons' three-point effort against the Los Angeles Lakers came as a surprise to Philadelphia 76ers team-mate Joel Embiid.

Reigning NBA Rookie of the Year Simmons does not shoot many three-pointers but the Australian guard tried his luck in Sunday's 143-120 win over the Lakers in Philadelphia.

Simmons - who has never nailed a three-pointer in his NBA career - narrowly missed a shot from beyond the arc against the Lakers, drawing a hilarious reaction from fellow All-Star Embiid post-game.

"I was getting ready to run the play, and then I literally just saw the ball go over," Embiid said. "And then I was like, oh, s***! It caught me off guard.

"And then I'm in a position where I'm like, what just happened? I thought it was in."

"I wish he would have made it. He's been working on it. Every day we tell him, you got to shoot it," Embiid added. "There's nothing wrong with [taking open shots and missing]. I'm a 30 percent three-point shooter, and you got guys who still jump on my fake.

"Every day he works on it, and I think it's coming. That was the first step, and I hope that he keeps shooting."

Simmons had a cold shooting night against Los Angeles. He only connected on three of his 13 shots for eight points. 

On Simmons' three-point effort, 76ers head coach Brett Brown said: "I thought the shot looked good, the rhythm going into looked good, it was close to going in and he didn’t look uncomfortable shooting it."

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