Celtics' Kyrie Irving on technical: If someone questions your manhood, you got no choice

Kyrie Irving said he was responding to something "pretty disrespectful" during a flashpoint with Shelvin Mack after inspiring the Boston Celtics to a 122-116 win over the Memphis Grizzlies.

All-Star point guard Irving was in fine form as his double-double of 38 points and 11 assists steered the Celtics to victory.

But Irving was clearly riled by a barb aimed his way by Mack late in the third quarter, leading to a confrontation and the two being separated.

Each player was given a technical foul before play continued and Irving opened up on the incident.

"He said something pretty disrespectful. So I told him to do something about it. He didn’t," Irving told reporters. 

"I don't usually get techs like that. But if someone questions your manhood, at that point, you got no choice."

Irving, though, says he understands that opposition players will do anything to try and disrupt his rhythm.

"Sometimes it's going to be like that," he added. 

"They'll do anything to get you out of your game, but I've grown up in so many different environments, and I'm pretty sure he has as well, so just keep it on the floor, you know, things happen like that and you move on from it, keep playing."

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