Kerr isn't worried about Warriors' big loss to Lakers

Steve Kerr is not concerned about the Golden State Warriors' big loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on Christmas Day.

Golden State fell to the Lakers 127-101 despite Los Angeles star LeBron James leaving the game in the third quarter with a strained groin.

Kerr, the Warriors fifth-year coach, discussed the loss with reporters on Wednesday.

"The bar's been set high," Kerr said, via ESPN. "So, everything takes on a little greater sense of urgency in terms of what happens around the team. We're maybe the most scrutinised team in the history of the league. We're right there with the [Chicago] Bulls teams that I played on. I felt the same, but even more so now because of the number of media outlets and the immediacy of the judgment and criticism. So, it's all part of it.

"Our guys have learned how to deal with all of that over the past few years. It doesn't matter. What matters is how you respond to a bad loss, to a bad stretch, to injuries. As long as you keep responding, keep showing up to work, keep sticking together, keep working, good things are going to happen. That's what I believe with this group."

The Warriors have been the best team in the NBA since Kerr took over as coach and they have won three of the last four NBA Finals. But, they have not been as dominant this season and hold a 23-12 record after falling to Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Golden State did not lose their 12th game last season until February 3.

"We're a championship team," Kerr said. "We've got a lot of guys who have been through everything in this league to rely on that experience. We rely on that as a staff with our leadership amongst the team, but we keep pressing forward. We keep trying to get better. There's a reason we have practice every day ... It's a journey, it's a long journey.

"As I said, it's a more arduous one this year than it's been in the past just because of the circumstances. So, it's all part of it, we're going to get through it, we're going to get better. We'll see what happens."

The Warriors will return to the court against the Portland Trail Blazers on Thursday.

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