Frank Celtics team meeting was much needed - Irving

Kyrie Irving said the home truths which were expressed in a lengthy locker-room debrief were "much needed" after the Boston Celtics' defeat to the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday.

The Celtics have now lost three consecutive NBA matches after going down 120-107 to the Bucks at TD Garden.

Boston had reeled off eight wins in a row before their recent slump and Irving welcomed some frank discussions in the locker rooms which lasted over half an hour.

"Much needed, much needed," said Irving when asked about the team meeting.

"I think everyone can see that we've obviously had some inconsistencies regarding our play, so I think it was just time to address it."

He added: "At this point it comes down to cohesion, being able to trust the pass, trust what we have going on out there.

"Obviously some selfish play out there where ... we have some really talented guys, but we're better as a team sharing the basketball.

"And, if it's late in the shot clock, that's when we start shooting our iso plays, as opposed to if we have nothing in transition shooting with 16 or 17 on the clock, or shooting a fadeaway, something like that.

"I get caught up in that as well. For me it's a hard challenge, because there's a balance I have. I literally can do anything I want out there, but at the same time it's what can I do for my team-mates to be more successful. I have to be very conscious of that."

The Celtics are fifth in the Eastern Conference at 18-13 ahead of a home encounter with the Charlotte Hornets on Sunday.

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