Pinarello chief confident over Team Sky future

Bike manufacturer Pinarello has vowed to support Team Sky and believes they can continue to thrive under new ownership.

The future of a team which has dominated professional cycling is in doubt after Sky on Wednesday revealed it will pull the plug on its sponsorship next year.

Team Sky boss Dave Brailsford revealed he received a flurry of phone calls from potential backers after the announcement was made.

Fausto Pinarello, chief executive of the British outfit's bike sponsor since their inception eight years ago, shares Brailsford's optimism for Team Sky in what would be a new era beyond 2019.

"I'm confident that the team will continue and continue to be successful," the Pinarello CEO told Cycling News.

"I've also had calls from people who are interested too and that's a sign of just how good a team Team Sky is, people want to be part of it.

"Some have suggested that Dave Brailsford will struggle to find a sponsor that will invest the same amount of money as Sky but I don't agree.

"I think there will be plenty of major brands that can afford and will be willing to put their name on the jersey. It doesn't need one name to put in a massive amount, it could be two brands that share the sponsorship costs."

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