Irving performance was 'inevitable', says Stevens

Coach Brad Stevens never doubted that Kyrie Irving would soon be back to his best and leading the Boston Celtics offense.

The Celtics (5-2) have made a strong start to the NBA season, sitting third in the Eastern Conference, but star guard Irving had not yet found his best form, scoring just three points against the Detroit Pistons on Saturday.

But Irving was back at it when Boston played the Pistons again on Tuesday, with 31 points, five rebounds and five assists the reward for Stevens' faith.

"The law of averages mean he's got a few more coming, right? He's way too good for the ball not to go in very long and that stuff all evens out all the time," Stevens said.

"The best part about it is that when he played 23 minutes the other night and scored three points, it was all about the team and that wasn't just in the media. It was in the locker room, it was on the bench, it was during the game.

"He's doing a great job of leading and the ball will go through the net. That's inevitable."

Meanwhile, Irving's response to his brilliant display was to give credit to Celtics great Tom Heinsohn, who has been a critic in recent weeks.

"Shout-out to Tommy Heinsohn," Irving told NBC. "Real talk: he got me in shape."

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