Reid: Jenkins capitalised on Kaepernick movement

Eric Reid has slammed Malcolm Jenkins for using the Colin Kaepernick-led anthem protests at NFL games for his own personal gain after the pair were involved in an angry confrontation on Sunday.

Carolina Panthers safety Reid and Philadelphia Eagles defensive back Jenkins squared up on the field prior to kick-off at Lincoln Financial Field and had to be pulled apart.

Both men have staged protests over social and racial injustice during the American anthem, with Reid kneeling alongside former San Francisco 49ers team-mate Kaepernick when that movement started in 2016 and Jenkins raising his fist on several occasions.

Jenkins was involved in founding The Players Coalition in 2017 with the aim of enacting change and the group agreed an initiative with the NFL last year that dedicated money and resources to supporting those efforts.

However, Reid broke away from The Players Coalition and he provided a stinging rebuke of Jenkins on Sunday.

"He's a sell-out," Reid told reporters.

"We believe a lot of players should have stepped up for Colin. I believe Malcolm capitalised on the situation, he co-opted the movement that was started by Colin to get his organisation funded. It's cowardly. He sold us out."

Jenkins declined the chance to fire back. 

"I still consider guys like Eric Reid [as] heroes," he told NBCS. 

"Eric Reid is somebody I'm rooting for and very proud of for putting his livelihood on the line to fight for those who don't have voices."

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