Garrett on Browns parting ways with Gordon: Nobody was expecting that

Cleveland Browns players were surprised when they found out the NFL franchise were parting ways with Josh Gordon, said Myles Garrett.

On Saturday, Cleveland announced plans to release wide receiver Gordon early next week.

But, the Browns may trade Gordon instead of cutting him, according to multiple reports.

Browns star defensive end Garrett discussed his reaction to the news in an interview with the NFL Network on Sunday, prior to Cleveland's 21-18 loss to the New Orleans Saints.

"Nobody was expecting that," Garrett said. "You walk in and hear that, that's big news.

"It's a business … it's one of your family members, but at the end of the day you’ve got to have a short memory in the NFL. He was part of it and now somebody else will fill that role whether it's a guy that's here or somebody they're going to bring in."

The Browns made the move after Gordon did not report to their facility on time Saturday, according to reports.

ESPN also reported that Gordon suffered a hamstring injury at a promotional shoot.

Cleveland head coach Hue Jackson said he discussed the decision with the squad.

"I've always been honest and up front with our guys about what we're doing as an organisation," Jackson said. "I think that's the way it should it be; they should know.

"I told them [Saturday] night. Nobody flinched, they understood it. Again, we wish Josh well on his journey and we all love and respect Josh, but we had to do what we felt we had to do as an organisation."


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