Apparently I've started imagining things - Murray hits back at Verdasco

Andy Murray hit back at Fernando Verdasco in a US Open coaching row, stating "I'm off to get a health check as apparently I've started imagining things."

Verdasco ended Murray's grand-slam comeback in the second round on Wednesday, winning 7-5 2-6 6-4 6-4 in Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Murray accused Verdasco of breaking the rules by speaking to his coach in the locker room during a 10-minute break - which the players were entitled to with the heat rule implemented - after the third set.

The Spaniard denied Murray's claim, saying: "I went in, I saw my coach, we didn't talk one word. I just dressed up quickly and went back to the court.

"Obviously if you say or Andy say that, I don't want to say that he lied, but I didn't talk one word with my coach or any one member of my team. I know exactly the rule and I don't want to be the one breaking it."

Murray delivered a parting message after bowing out of his first major since Wimbledon last year.

He posted on Instagram: "Bye bye New York. Was nice to be back out there competing in a slam again. 

"Gave it my best effort but it wasn't enough. Thanks to everyone for the support and messages last few days 

"I'm off to get a health check as apparently I've started imagining things.#liarliarpantsonfire."

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