Hulkenberg takes responsibility for Spa smash

Nico Hulkenberg has said there was no issue with his Renault on the opening lap of the Belgian Grand Prix and that the huge crash at Turn 1 was probably down to a misjudgement on his part.

Hulkenberg completely locked up and careered into the back of Fernando Alonso, who was sent spinning in the air and connected with the Halo of Charles Leclerc's Sauber.

The drivers are due to attend a meeting with race stewards later on Sunday to discuss the circumstances of the incident, but Hulkenberg appears ready to own up to his own mistake.

"No problem [on the car], it's just incredible to find out on lap one again how sensitive these cars are with aerodynamics," he is quoted as saying by Sky Sports.

"When you have a few cars bunch up in front of you, [it's surprising] how much grip and load you lose and, when I hit the brakes, I instantly locked up the front wheels and was sliding into Fernando.

"Probably a misjudgement from my side, a bit too late on the brakes, a bit too keen. Frustrating for him, Charles as well, but also for myself.

"We have to go to the stewards, talk to them and lay it all out, so we'll see what happens."

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