Clippers' West: LeBron wasn't a tough free-agent signing

Clippers board member and NBA logo Jerry West is not impressed with the Los Angeles Lakers' recruitment of LeBron James.

James was long rumoured to want to play for the Lakers. It was reported in 2017 that James to Los Angeles was a done deal.

"All due respect to the Lakers, who handled everything well, but as these things go, LeBron was not a tough free-agent signing," West told Sports Illustrated.

"LeBron wanted to come to LA and he wanted to come to the Lakers. Period."

Many assumed James would go to Los Angeles, and West saw little of the Lakers' influence on the move. 

"He has a family he's thinking about," West said.

"He has a home here. He has a son whom he wants to keep in one school in Los Angeles. He will be a celebrity out here, sure, but it's a place where, once in a while, he can get lost, be himself. You can't do that everywhere."

While West was blunt in his assessment of the Lakers' acquisition of James, he was clear that he was happy for the four-time NBA MVP and he wished him luck with the Lakers.

"I hope he finds the happiness that I found [in Los Angeles]," he said. "Just not when he plays the Clippers."

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