Green committed lane violation on Hill's missed free-throw, NBA says

The Golden State Warriors committed a lane violation as Cleveland Cavaliers guard George Hill missed a free-throw late in the NBA Finals opener.

Hill's missed free-throw with 4.7 seconds remaining in game one led to an all-time blunder by J.R. Smith.

But, according to the NBA's Last Two Minute report released on Friday, there was a lane violation committed by the Warriors on the shot.

Hill stepped to the free-throw line with 4.7 seconds left and the Cavaliers trailing 107-106. He hit the first shot to tie the score before missing the second.

The league, however, said in its report Draymond Green stepped into the lane before Hill released his second attempt.

By rule, a shooter is granted another attempt if a lane violation occurs on a missed free-throw.

Smith rebound Hill's miss. Instead of going up for a shot or passing the ball out, Smith dribbled near half court, running out the clock. The Cavaliers went on to fall 124-114 in overtime.

The league also said in its report the blocking foul called against LeBron James on a drive by Kevin Durant with 36.7 seconds left was the correct ruling.

The replay showed "James was not in a legal guarding position because he was turning his body and moving into Durant when contact occurred", according to the report.

The Warriors and Cavaliers will meet in game two on Sunday.

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