WATCH: Curry knocks down threes like a machine at practice

To say Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is a brilliant three-point shooter is stating the obvious.

There are so many mix videos of his highlights on YouTube, you can watch one showing him score 40-some points in a playoff game and yawn, because we have seen it all before, in real time.

Curry is great. We get it. It is how he won back-to-back NBA MVP awards, and why the Warriors have won two of the past three NBA Finals.

Still, there is something oddly mesmerising about Curry nonchalantly shooting threes like a robot at practice on Friday.

What is even more remarkable is how many shots hit nothing but net.

The Houston Rockets will have their hands full with Curry's long-range ability when they face the Warriors in game one of the Western Conference finals on Monday.



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