Red Sox's Price will make next start, plans to cut back on Fortnite

Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price will not miss his next start against the Toronto Blue Jays despite his carpal tunnel diagnosis.

Although Price was scratched from Boston's line-up for Wednesday's MLB showdown with the New York Yankees due to reoccurrence of numbness in his pitching hand, he will make his scheduled start against the Blue Jays on Saturday.

While the direct cause of Price's carpal tunnel is not known, some speculated whether his habit of playing video games contributed to the syndrome after he admitted to playing Fortnite up to three hours a day.

On Thursday, the five-time All-Star and 2012 American League Cy Young Award winner told reporters: "I've always played it with my team-mates, during the offseason, at the field, at the hotel. 

"That's kind of my generation. That's what we do. If I need to shut down video games and pick up a new hobby, then so be it. But I do not think that's the cause.''

Price, 32, has a 5.11 ERA in seven starts this season and has given up 16 earned runs in his last 16 innings.

"If that was the cause of the problem, it started back in 1997 when I got my first PlayStation when I was 12 years old,'' Price said. "I've always played video games."

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