Returning Folau stands by controversial remarks

Israel Folau reiterated that he has no regrets over his controversial comments on homosexuality as he prepares to make his Waratahs comeback on Saturday.

Folau avoided punishment, but offered to walk away from his Rugby Australia contract if his position was deemed to be untenable after stating gay people should go to "hell" unless they "repent their sins and turn to God".

The Australia full-back, who will return for the Super Rugby clash with the Blues at Brookvale Oval this weekend after recovering from a hamstring injury, says he stands by his beliefs.

"[It is about] just standing up to what I believe and just standing firm on that and that's something that comes truly from the bottom of my heart," Folau said.

"I've said what I said in recent weeks. I'll leave it there. I stand firm on what I believe in and that's from something personal with who I am. It's got nothing to do personally with anyone, team-mates, or anyone that is involved in the game.

"I've opened up a bit and hopefully a lot of people can see where I come from and why I said that. That's something I hold dearly to me and it's not going to change.

"I stand firmly on that. As a rugby player it doesn't change me who I am as a person. I'm the same person when I go on the field."


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