Giro race director says Froome investigation has taken too long

Race director Mauro Vegni says the UCI's failure to conclude an investigation into Chris Froome's situation before the Giro d'Italia will prevent the event from being staged in a "serene manner".

Froome returned an adverse analytical finding during his Vuelta a Espana triumph last year.

The Team Sky rider's sample showed elevated levels of asthma drug salbutamol, but the 32-year-old has insisted he is not guilty of any wrongdoing.

Froome will start his bid to complete a clean sweep of Grand Tour titles when the Giro gets under way in Jerusalem on Friday.

Vegni, though, feels the governing body should have delivered a verdict on the Froome case before the race commences.

"I believe that Chris is a great rider and a great champion," he said.

"The actual issue is the timing of justice, it takes too long and this doesn't allow any rider to race their best and doesn't allow the organisation to deliver the event in a serene manner."

Vegni added that Froome would not be stripped of his title if he is suspended after winning.

"This is not going to be re-attributed to anyone. We very clearly said to the UCI we would not accept a secondary vicissitude," he said.

"For us, if Froome wins and is later disqualified that will be enforced from the day of the sanction and not before because how can you let a rider race and then decide that he shouldn't have raced?

"This is not something we decide. It is the UCI. It wouldn't be correct for the fans, nor the rider, nor the organiser. This sort of thing should not be happening any more. We do hope that this issue will finally get to a full stop."

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