Wallabies scrum-half Phipps apologises for urinating on bar

Wallabies and Waratahs scrum-half Nick Phipps apologised for urinating on a bar at a Sydney hotel and said he will accept any sanction handed down.

An apologetic Phipps fronted the media on Tuesday after news broke of an incident at the Woollahra Hotel, where the 29-year-old Australian was kicked out on his buck's night while wearing a cow suit in April.

Speaking to reporters, Phipps - who married his wife Ebony Grace on Saturday - said: "I'm a goose, if I'm going to do the crime, I'll pay the time.

"It's always been in my character to stand up and accept the responsibility, I was a bloody idiot.

"It's one of those things I wanted to front straight away and get the apology out there and make sure everyone knows how sorry I am."


Mrs Phipps

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Phipps added: "There are going to be some sanctions handed down and I'll accept them.

"My role at the club is something that's pretty important and to be honest that's not the way we should carry ourselves.

"There won't be any fight from me. It's something I just wanted to do and get on the front foot and get back to playing footy.

"I've spoken to Rugby Australia, they've voiced their displeasure, they're not very happy.

"It's something that will be shored up today and then we can move on."

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