Edmunds brothers become first siblings drafted in Round 1

It was already clear the Edmunds brothers were pretty special.

Tremaine and Terrell were expected to be drafted, but where they were selected was surprising. It was so unexpected the NFL could not even plan it.

Both brothers out of Virginia Tech were selected in the first round. 

Tremaine, a linebacker, went 16th to the Baltimore Ravens and Terrell, a safety, went 28th to the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

They are the first brothers ever drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft. However, Terrell was not supposed to be taken in the first round. 

In fact, some had a fourth-round grade on him. Because of that, he did not receive an invite as an individual into the green room.

He was there, however, to support his brother, who many gave a top-10 grade.

But when pick number 28 rolled around, Terrell got a surprise and heard his name called. 

He was the only player on the night to walk up to the podium without a walkout song because the NFL did not have one prepared for him.

Even better for Terrell, he was able to receive his jersey from Ryan Shazier, who walked out to the podium. 

The Steelers linebacker is still recovering from a spinal injury suffered during the 2017 season. 

Edmunds got two surprises and the NFL Draft got two great stories.

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