'I don't f****** want to' - Harvey refused to talk about bullpen debut

New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey was in no mood to talk about his demotion to the bullpen.

Harvey's demotion came after a 12-4 loss to the Atlanta Braves over the weekend, which dropped him to an 0-2 record.

Against Atlanta, the 2013 MLB All-Star allowed six runs on eight hits, walking one and striking out four in six innings.

When reporters asked the former ace about his bullpen debut against the St Louis Cardinals on Tuesday, Harvey refused to comment.

However, when he was pressed further on why he would not make a statement, Harvey snapped.

"I have nothing to say to you guys," Harvey said. "I don't f****** want to [talk]."

During his performance on Tuesday, Harvey did not impress.

He came in the bottom of the fifth with the game tied at 4-4 and gave up back-to-back doubles.

Harvey pitched a scoreless sixth inning and the Mets eventually won 6-5, but it was not the best outing to get him back in the starting rotation.


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