Cubs' Kris Bryant 'as good as can be expected' after being hit with 96 mph fastball

Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant avoided potentially serious injury despite being hit in the head with a 96mph fastball.

Bryant remains under evaluation but passed all concussion-related tests after he was struck by a pitch from German Marquez during Sunday's 9-7 win over the Colorado Rockies.

"As good as could be expected," Cubs manager Joe Maddon said of Bryant's status after the game.

"I have not heard of anything awful, but they're still watching him. I have not heard the word 'concussion' yet."

Bryant, who was quickly helped from the field by medical staff, sustained a small laceration above his left eye from his sunglasses.

The incident sent hitting coach Chili Davis into a panic, which resulted in him being immediately ejected for getting in a tussle with the umpire.

"I'm sorry I got a little emotional," Davis said. "I said what I said and I was done, and all of a sudden I have an umpire screaming at me, telling me 'shut up or else.' Or else what? I'm emotional. One of my hitters just got hit in the head.

"It scared the s*** out of me to tell you the truth. That guy is a huge part of our team. So I get tossed, the guys get fired up and score six runs. You know what I mean?"

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