Cora: I didn't like Yankees coach Nevin screaming at me

Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora said he is not sure what New York Yankees third-base coach Phil Nevin was trying to say during Wednesday's brawl but he did not like it.

Tempers boiled over during the Yankees' 10-7 victory as the two MLB rivals were involved in a brawl.

As umpires restored order, Cora stood in the dugout and waved dismissively at Yankees coach Nevin.

At one point, he even drew an imaginary box with his hands, perhaps suggesting Nevin should stay in his coach's area. That led the latter to head for the Red Sox dugout, before being restrained by umpires.

On Thursday, Cora - who was fined by the MLB - admitted his actions were "out of character for him,", although he defended them in the heat of the moment.

"After the whole thing, he was screaming at our dugout," Cora told reporters. "I don't know if he was screaming specifically at me. And I took exception.

"I don't want to say I overreacted, but that's not me. I think for 10 games or whatever I've managed, you guys see me very calm over there. But there's something about chain of command. And if we're going to let everybody be screaming in situations like that, well, it wasn't a good situation in the beginning and it can be worse.

"I took exception. I made a signal. I know everybody saw it. Yeah, out of character for me but I still didn't like the fact he was pointing at me and screaming at me."

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