England's capital is not Banjul! - Games organisers apologise for programme gaffe

Commonwealth Games organisers have apologised after the event's official programme listed England as an "African country" whose capital was "Banjul".

The glossy magazine has been on sale ahead of the Games, which opened on Wednesday on Australia's Gold Coast, and includes messages from the home nation's prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and the Queen.

However, among the profiles of each of the 71 competing countries, the England entry contained several errors after it was mixed up with that of The Gambia.

In addition to getting England's continent and capital wrong, it also listed its population as 2.1million, somewhat short of the official figure of approximately 66.5m.

A spokesman for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC), who was responsible for the programme, told Daily Mail Australia: "GOLDOC is aware of a formatting error in the England team overview section of the official GC2018 Programme. 

"The formatting error occurred when The Gambia was reinstated back in to the Commonwealth and subsequently the Games only a few weeks ago. 

"GOLDOC was determined to include The Gambia in the official programme and with the late addition and update to the programme, the page required re-formatting at the last minute at the printers, causing the error. 

"We're delighted The Gambia has joined the Games and apologise for the re-formatting error in the programme."



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