WATCH: Hayward jogs without assistance as recovery moves forward

Great news, Boston Celtics fans - Gordon Hayward's recovery is going strong.

Hayward reposted a video from The Players' Tribune of himself jogging for the first time without help at the Celtics facility on Monday.

It is the latest step in his rehab from the fractured and dislocated ankle he sustained in the opening match of the season last October.

Hayward used an anti-gravity treadmill to help him get back to the point where he can run with his entire bodyweight.

Boston coach Brad Stevens saw the video of the small forward's progress, but was quick to note he will not be returning this season.

"I saw that video. It's pretty slow running," Stevens told reporters. "I was up there watching it the other morning when they [filmed] that. The next step of his progression is once every three days he gets on the court and does that. So, as you can see it was about 20 per cent speed, nothing lateral, no jumping. So, a long, long way away.

"We've said it before; we can talk about the videos. He's not playing. But he might travel [with the team], and maybe we'll list him as something."

Hayward will not be traveling with the team to their games against the Toronto Raptors and the Milwaukee Bucks this week, but Stevens said small goals help keep the 28-year-old focused.

"I think every day where he can accomplish something new is a big deal," Stevens said. "He's in here six days a week. He gets one off day a week where he gets to rest it and still gets treatment on it and everything else.

"But everything else, he gets those small accomplishments, and those are a big deal when you're rehabbing."

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